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Charlotte Perriand

Charlotte Perriand

Charlotte Perriand (1903 - 1999)

French designer, free, committed, independent, and deeply humanist Charlotte Perriand is one of the essential figures of the XXth century design and architecture.

Cradled by crafts in her childhood, she graduated from UCAD in 1925 (the Central Union of Decorative Arts in Paris). Very quickly spotted by Le Corbusier for her work "Le Bar sous le toit" in her apartment of Saint-Sulpice, she collaborated with the architect and his cousin Pierre Jeanneret for almost 10 years (1927-1937). There was a strong bond, and Perriand was entrusted with the design of the Residential Equipment. She continued to seek to defend a new "Art of living", and the use of new material, such as plywood, gave rise to particularly modern furniture with clean lines like the LC series.

In 1929, she co-founded the UAM (Union of Modern Artists) where she collaborated with Robert Mallet Stevens, and met Eileen Gray, Serge Mouille… While the m...ovement is running out of steam, in 1949 she organized the exhibition Formes Utiles- Objet de notre temps "object of our time", which presented objects with functional aesthetics that emphasized a new art of living.

Her travels in Japan and Brazil helped her create a strong dialog between creation and tradition, to bring cultures influences together and to revisit her work, with the use of local materials such as bamboo for instance.

Her legacy is immense: among her great achievements, we can quote the series of LC chairs, but also the architecture and furnishing of the ski resort of Les Arcs 1800 in the French Alps (1967-1989) or the Mining town of Cansado, in Mauritania.

Bibliography: Charlotte Perriand, Complete works in 4 volumes, Jacques Barsac, Norma Edition, 2015-2019