Philippe Starck

Philippe Starck (1949)

Born in 1949, son of an aircraft engineer, Starck studied at the École Nissim de Camondo in Paris.

After starting his career by decorating nightclubs, he was commissioned by François Mitterand, the French president in 1983, to decorate the private apartments of the Elysée Palace. This was shortly followed by the impressive decoration of the very hype Hotel Costes in Paris.Two projects in New York city, the Royalton Hotel in 1988 and the Paramount Hotel earned him his international reputation.

In all his projects, rather than developing a preference for one or the other material, he always tried to pay attention to the customer's need, whether formal of more flamboyant. Parallel to his career as an interior designer, Starck developed an international reputation for his wide range of industrial designs. He is internationally sought after for his ability to address a wide range of projects, from boats, to hotel interiors, to toothbrush.

His work show as much character as the person himself, a truly iconic French designer, and iconic designs that can bring a bit of humor to the most serious interior.