Jacques Innocenti

Jacques Innocenti (1926 - 1958)

Born in 1926 in Paris, Jacques Innocenti graduated from the Paris Ecole nationale supérieure des arts décoratifs in 1948. From 1949, he took part in the great ceramic adventure in Vallauris, where he settled as a potter-ceramicist and took an active part in the life of the city. His sudden death in 1958 made his work sought after.

Innocenti fashioned Vallauris red-clay, and was somehow influenced in his representations by Picasso. His themes around portraits, bathers, or still lifes were realised using different techniques, the 2-steps use of electric kiln or slip-painting.

His more utilitarian pieces were great success and could be found in department stores like the Galeries Lafayettes or Macy's in New York.