Jacques Hitier

Jacques Hitier (1917 - 1999)

Born in 1917, just a little too young to join the movement of modern artists (UAM), Jacques Hitier is nonetheless fully in line with the desire for modernity and progress of this generation of French designers.

A student at the famous Boulle school, where he became director much later in 1964, he began his career in 1937 at Mobilor, a company specializing in the manufacture of school furniture. Then at Tubauto where he designs furniture for communities but also for private customers. He can thus reconcile the work on functionality and aesthetics with his democratic desire to offer quality furniture to as many people as possible.

The almost systematic use of tubular metal in his creations and his purist lines inscribes his work in a timeless modernity, while bringing softness to his furniture, with its undulating curves sometimes punctuated by a subtle touch of color.